Reducing the Risk of Transacting with Sanctioned, Restricted & Denied Parties Worldwide

Denied party screening is the review of goods, services, and connectivity prior to an import, export or transaction. Governments and international organizations maintain a variety of lists of people, organizations and countries with whom it is illegal or restricted to transact business. International sanctions policies are dynamic, and in today’s highly networked marketplace, it is critical to evaluate connectivity before transacting business. Access to affordable, flexible and customizable Denied Party Screening (DPS) services and solutions is necessary to protect businesses and to reduce risk in an ever-connected and increasingly global marketplace.

A full list of our DPS solutions can be found online here.

The Descartes Denied Party Screening™ (Descartes  DPS™) solution provides organizations of all sizes with easy-to-use options that quickly and efficiently screen customers, suppliers and trading partners against a comprehensive database of international restricted and denied party lists. Customers can tailor screening processes to fit their unique risk parameters and flag potential compliance issues for a prompt resolution.

Customer Success - McCormick & Company

Descartes integrates with SAP GTS to help businesses such as McCormick & Company include denied, restricted and/or sanctioned party screening as a hallmark of its trade compliance program.

Descartes Denied Party Screening Options

Descartes MK™
As a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, Descartes MK is a web-based solution that delivers highly-sophisticated capabilities on-demand. Some of the largest businesses in the world use Descartes MK to access one of the most comprehensive databases of consolidated denied and restricted parties. An intuitive interface includes a tiered screening approach so users can search multiple fields simultaneously. Businesses can also upload customizable lists of concern that may not be published on government lists or portals. A separate web-based option includes Descartes MK Denial Web Services™ and Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating callable DPS screening into applications, business processes or to help power eCommerce solutions and more.