3 Benefits of Investing in Supply Chain Management Solutions to Automate Logistics Processes

Integrating a cloud-based logistics software solution is a cost-effective method for improving shipment visibility and reducing operational costs. Shipment management systems offer many benefits to streamline the logistics process and can often be highly tailored to meet the specific needs of a certain business or industry.

1. Reduce Shipment Costs

Utilizing a logistics technology solution can reduce shipment costs by offering increased visibility into multimodal shipment options available. Without adequate visibility into logistics operations, many businesses may not realize that shipping by sea may be a much more cost-effective option for a particular shipment than shipping by air. Using technology to evaluate modal options can greatly reduce a company's overall shipping costs.

2. Improve Customer Service

Logistics technology allows the tracking of shipments, materials and products both on the supply side and the delivery side of a business’ operations. Streamlining operations using an order management system puts products into the hands of customers quickly and reliably. Real-time visibility into the diagnosis of a possible problem enables a business to quickly diagnose the issue and provide a quick solution to help maintain customer satisfaction.

3. Improve Compliance Rates

A logistics software solution enables an organization to effectively leverage the negotiated lanes and preferential terms established for a business by centralizing rates and contracts within an electronic database that has the capability to provide access and innovative decision support tools all in one place. The best logistics software providers centralize rates to display information from all carriers and modes after entering the data only once, streamlining the process and allowing employees to efficiently choose the best rate for a particular shipment.