A Customs Brokerage will use Descartes software to meet upcoming U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Export Manifest requirements

A Customs Brokerage (ACB), a high-volume third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and international freight forwarder, has significantly increased its shipment productivity since implementing Descartes OneView™ Forwarder Enterprise and Descartes OneView™ Customs House Brokerage (CHB) solutions. ACB provides full-scale logistics services including end-to-end import and export forwarding, customs brokerage, direct consolidation services, local and national trucking, insurance and warehousing. Services range from local delivery to large-scale multimodal project cargo. The company also maintains a fleet of trucks through its subsidiary Mantra Trucking, Inc. and, through its network of carriers, transports and distributes Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipments to some of the largest importers and exporters in the Americas. You can read more about them on their website at www.acb-us.com.

Why Descartes?

The Descartes solutions provide ABC with a single integrated platform for managing end-to-end forwarding and brokerage operations. What does this mean for their business? We asked Gabriel Rodriguez, President at A Customs Brokerage, to explain.

"Our business has grown 25% and we have increased our productivity 15% since implementing Descartes OneView," said Rodriguez. "Descartes' unified platform has been an essential component of our operations and regulatory compliance strategies. We also look forward to working with Descartes to meet the upcoming U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Export Manifest requirements."

Descartes OneView - A Modular Enterprise Management System for Forwarders and Customs Brokers

Descartes OneView™ Forwarder Enterprise software helps freight forwarders, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) and third-party logistics service providers (3PLs) better handle multimodal shipment coordination and supply chain management. The solution features an integrated multi-divisional accounting module that helps customers streamline billing, payment and financial reporting processes. Descartes OneView™ Customs House Brokerage helps manage U.S. customs entries and security filings such as CBP's ACE.

The upcoming U.S. ACE Export Manifest initiative is designed to close the loop between the import/export process and automate export procedures. The Descartes U.S. ACE Export Manifest™ software can help carriers, freight forwarders and NVOCCs, like A Customs Brokerage, collect, prepare, validate and electronically transmit to CBP required manifest information. CBP has stated that the initiative will be rolled out in 2015 in a series of pilots by mode of transport, beginning with air shipments. You can learn more via Descartes' ACE Export Manifest resource center: https://www.descartes.com/resources/knowledge-center/ace-export-manifest-resource-center.

As governments around the world augment global trade regulations, our forwarder and broker solutions help make logistics service providers more productive and enable them to meet changing government filing requirements.

Written by George Manolis

Vice President Product Management Broker & Forwarder Enterprise Systems at Descartes