Ferrellgas is a premier provider of propane throughout the United States. Since 2001, Ferrellgas has used the Descartes Route Planner™ solution to centralize routing for the delivery of propane to its residential, agricultural, industrial, and commercial customers nationwide. The company is now expanding the solution to its Blue Rhino division to fuel enhanced levels of customer service across its nationwide network for propane tank exchange.

With the Descartes Route Planner solution, Ferrellgas has centralized all of its distribution operations on a single, proven technology platform. The intuitive Descartes user-interface also made it easy to train Blue Rhino employees on the solution. Better distribution performance through optimized routing can pay significant customer service dividends. And, for companies that have multiple branches, the solution provides a way to standardize routing and create a unified distribution practice to provide a higher standard of customer service and drive greater operating efficiencies.

Why Descartes for Route Optimization?

With Descartes’ route planning and execution software solutions, wholesalers, distributors and retailers in diverse industries can improve the performance of their distribution operations. Companies can generate optimized vehicle routing plans tailored to their delivery network and business requirements. As new orders are received and real-time route updates are presented, dispatchers can adjust routes manually, ask the system for suggestions, or let the system optimize changes to meet confirmed time windows. More effective delivery scheduling and routing helps organizations maintain overall customer service objectives and optimize distribution efficiencies. It also helps companies reduce operating costs by increasing route density, lowering total route distances, and decreasing the average miles between stops.

Route Optimization Software Improves Delivery Performance    

By replacing traditional manual practices for routing vehicles and managing deliveries, Descartes’ technology can standardize delivery and centralize route planning to help remove roadblocks to greater distribution efficiency and quality customer service, especially for companies with multiple locations. With continuous route optimization capabilities, organizations can offer next-day, same-day and dynamic delivery appointments to create a differentiated customer service experience, which can drive incremental revenue and help better manage delivery capacity. Available in the cloud or on premise, Descartes’ scheduling and routing solution also offers proof-of-delivery and automated pre- and post-delivery notification services for customers.

To learn more about Ferrellgas, visit www.ferrellgas.com.

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