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From pen and paper-driven practices to delivery routes managed in the cloud, Ideal Supply’s Director of IT, the company’s Inventory Specialist and one of its Branch Managers explain the evolution of transportation management at the 91-year-old family-owned and operated business. They describe how a more disciplined approach to distribution operations, supported by Descartes’ cloud-based route planning solution, is translating into higher standards of customer satisfaction with reliable same-day and overnight delivery of the company’s automotive, electrical and industrial products to customers across Ontario. With help from Descartes, Ideal has also realized fuel savings of upwards of 28% by reducing overall mileage, optimizing the capacity of its 100+ vehicles, and improving the day-to-day efficiency of drivers who no longer need to make their best guess on routing decisions. Ideal also discusses the convergence of its ecommerce platform and the Descartes route planning solution to offer customers even greater order visibility from the time an order was invoiced, to when it was delivered, to proof of delivery and more. 

This video provides insights from the following Ideal Supply participants:

  • Chris Moon, Director of IT, Ideal Supply
  • Chris Rozema, Inventory Specialist, Ideal Supply
  • Ian Andrews, Branch Manager, Goderich, ON, Ideal Supply

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