Join Us for a Complimentary Web Seminar

Thousands of organizations rely on NetSuite to help manage operations. As companies scale and evolve over time, adding technology to extend the power of NetSuite makes business sense. Organizations need smart methods to further bolster capabilities, drive growth, and help keep operations running smoothly. Factor-in ecommerce, complex logistics processes, trade policy changes, and more; and the imperative is clear to do more with powerful platforms such as NetSuite.

Join us on May 10th, 2pm U.S. eastern time for a web seminar designed specifically for NetSuite-enabled businesses. The web seminar is timed as an in-depth topical follow-up for SuiteWorld attendees to start growing business post-conference.

During the web seminar we will explore critical questions including:

    • What are the three common logistics areas that call for NetSuite extensibility and why?
    • With trade policies rapidly changing, how can businesses stay compliant with import requirements and decrease duty spend?
    • What are the best methods to grow and add new distribution channels without increasing warehouse staff?
    • Is there a streamlined approach to lower fleet and transportation costs?
    • How can companies reduce inventory carrying cost and improve fulfillment accuracy?
    • And more

Register for the web seminar, “Extend NetSuite to Create a Competitive Advantage with Logistics”.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions from within the online web seminar interface to hone-in on the key topics that matter most to their operations.

How Can Descartes Help?

During the session, we will review the challenges facing businesses, and how Descartes’ technology has enabled success. The web seminar will detail how customers have realized measurable results with Descartes’ solutions including businesses that achieved:

    • 20-25% growth in overall international logistics operations
    • 25-40% improvement in warehouse efficiency
    • $12,000 in annualized savings per truck

In addition, the web seminar will cover how Descartes extends NetSuite with seamless, real-time information sharing between NetSuite and one or more endpoints. By further expanding NeSuite with services such as fleet management for optimized route planning; integrated mobility for planning, dispatch and delivery processes; and advanced telematics; we will reveal how businesses can improve driver productivity, better understand vehicle performance, achieve added operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer service and derive a potential competitive advantage.

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Written by Troy Graham

Vice President, Business Development at Descartes