Magnus Fine Wines (Magnus) is a Belgian company that imports, distributes and delivers wine. Magnus has been in operation since 1984. Their product line consists out of approximately 300 wines from France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Chili, Argentina and Australia. Magnus has distinguished itself from its competitors thanks to its home/business delivery service. Magnus orders are mostly taken by phone, e-mail or internet. Magnus delivers mainly to private individuals and companies. Deliveries are organized by region and clients can select between day and evening delivery.


Before choosing Descartes route planning solution, Magnus organized its distribution tours manually. With about 250 deliveries to plan every day, this was a tremendous amount of work. “After having decided that we needed a more effective way of working, we asked four companies to present their software. The choice led unanimously to Descartes. It was the solution with the best performance that matched perfectly with our company’s needs,” said Patrick Magnus, co-founder of the company and Sales & Marketing Manager.


Descartes' solution leverages advanced route planning and route optimization technologies and was designed to be an interactive tool for route planners. The software can calculate your daily planning, improve service delivery as well as examine the cost effectiveness of your supply chain strategy, helping to understand and control company transportation costs.

The integration of Descartes' route planning solution had a significant effect on the internal organization at Magnus. In the past, order forms were printed on a daily basis and placed into sorting boxes. The dispatcher had to plan the distribution rounds manually on the basis of these forms. Needless to say, this task was particularly time consuming and it resulted in many errors.

Since the introduction of the routing solution, Magnus organizes its work in a different way. Deliveries are entered in the accounting software and are no longer printed out. In parallel to Descartes route planning soluton, Magnus bought a custom phone application. This application creates the link between order management, the accounting software and Descartes' software. When the operator calls the client, the information is directly sent to the accounting software that automatically transfers it to the Descartes vehicle route planning solution.


“Descartes' route planning software offers many advantages. We can handle more deliveries and can accept last-minute orders until 30 minutes before delivery planning is complete. We also have better control of deliveries that can be printed and provides us with real-time visibility of the status.” “Descartes is one of our leading partners, a very important link in our organization. We have regular contact with them and they are always ready to find solutions to our questions, which is key in a collaboration like this,” concludes Filip Magnus, co-founder and financial and administration manager.