The Descartes Transportation Management System enables users to make efficient shipment decisions based on factors such as rates, service levels, and the required delivery date.

Stryker is a global technology leader for the medical market. Stryker Canada’s Hamilton, Ontario operations distribute products and services that help healthcare specialists provide innovative medical solutions to Canadians. Its Orthopaedics Division is responsible for distributing artificial hips, knees, bone cement and trauma equipment and supplies for surgeries to hospitals across Canada. Other divisions handle a range of medical equipment from hospital beds, stretchers and medical equipment to general surgery instruments, video equipment and microsurgery tools.


Stryker Canada’s warehouse receives and distributes goods imported from Stryker manufacturing facilities located throughout Europe and North America. This warehouse ships over 300 orders daily to hospitals and clinics across Canada for next day surgery, using a variety of couriers and express package carriers. Given the critical need for these items, accuracy and reliability of deliveries is essential to success.

As with many warehousing organizations, inventory optimization is an essential requirement since space is at a premium at the 9,000 sq. ft. facility. At the same time, pick, pack and ship functions must be handled quickly and efficiently in order to meet tight deadlines and a wide range of order requests – many of which can come from the same hospital in a single day.


To quickly and consistently pick the right carrier for shipment, Stryker uses Descartes Advanced Pick, Pack and Ship™ software. The Descartes Transportation Management shipping solution provides accuracy and visibility from the loading dock to the customer’s door, and enables users to make efficient shipment decisions based on factors such as rates, service levels, and the required delivery date. As a “first mile” delivery service, Descartes enables Stryker to gather information at shipment origin, which extends the tracking of the shipment cycle.


  • Increased order picking accuracy and efficiency
  • Critical delivery service expectation are met by choosing the right carriers and services
  • Greater package-level visibility into the “first- and last-mile” of each shipment
  • Customer service representatives have access to shipment status
  • Each shipping system station handles the full range of carriers, services, rates, and labels, cutting workstations and improving warehouse efficiency
  • Integration with accounting packages for streamlined freight invoicing and revenue recognition improving warehouse efficiency