Descartes Global User Group

Membership Composition

The Descartes Global User Group is a collection of representatives from Descartes’ customers, organized to enable a forum for education on features, use, implementation and development direction of Descartes’ products and services and facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences between the community of users of Descartes’ products and services.

The Descartes Global User Group is composed of the General Membership and the Steering Committee.

General Membership
Steering Committee Membership

Descartes Evolution

Descartes Evolution is an annual event that gathers together Descartes customers and business partners from around the world to network with each other, meet the Descartes product management team, provide input and feedback on Descartes’ product direction, and to learn more about opportunities for improving operations through the growing portfolio of Descartes solutions. 

Stay Tuned! Updates on the virtual Descartes Evolution 2020 are coming soon.

Evolution is a customer-driven event. Descartes’ Global User Group Steering Committee, comprising annually elected representatives from customer companies, helps to set the direction of the event and collaborates with Descartes to develop the program. If you are a Descartes customer and would like to speak or have program recommendations, please contact [email protected].