Key things to look for when evaluating transportation management systems (TMS)

Transportation management systems (TMS) should be about rapid time-to-value. However, the market is saturated with costly, complex, slow to implement and tough to maintain transportation solutions that serve far too few companies.

Most transportation management systems have extremely high upfront license and implementation costs. In addition, most of these solutions take months to implement and operate in silo of your other technologies.  With a  Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) TMS, you have automatic integration with your existing technology which provides end-to-end multimodal functionality you not only ensure the value of your system but the extended functionality ensures  you have a platform to grow on:

  • TMS pricing is activity based – you pay based on the volume of shipments and other activities associated with using the solution
  • The solution has been designed with ease of implementation – typically measured in days and weeks not months and years
  • There are no typical technology investment when choosing SaaS solution
  • Some transportation management systems allow you to hook in to existing networks for you to take advantage of the networks pre-existing connections

Read this white paper to find out more on how you can reap value from a SaaS TMS.