Wayfair is one of the world's largest online destinations for home furnishings and décor. To enhance the customer experience from purchase through to final delivery while optimizing the use of delivery resources, Wayfair is expanding its deployment of Descartes’ home delivery solution. With the Descartes solution, Wayfair can automate delivery appointment scheduling, route planning, route execution and proof-of-delivery processes.

As a growing online business, Wayfair’s success has been driven by excellence and innovation in merchandising, marketing, supply chain, and the related technology that helps power these facets of its business. Wayfair’s successful pilot implementation convinced the company to expand its Descartes-based advanced home delivery service to other large metro areas in the U.S.

Why Descartes for Home Delivery?

Descartes’ home delivery software features dynamic appointment booking, advanced route optimization and integrated mobile technology. Its comprehensive capabilities address the entire delivery lifecycle from delivery appointment scheduling, delivery route planning and execution, real-time GPS-based mobile solutions for route management and proof-of-delivery, and automated pre- and post-delivery notification services. Built on an enterprise class, web-based architecture, Descartes’ home delivery software also connects and synchronizes internal and/or third-parties involved in the delivery process.

Home Delivery Software Enhances Customer Service and Delivery Performance

As the growth of ecommerce continues to reshape supply chains, Descartes’ home delivery software can help retailers offer customers more delivery and value-added service options, gain greater control over delivery execution, and ultimately help to ensure a positive delivery experience to foster greater brand loyalty. The cloud or on premise-based solution enables retailers to offer customers flexible and tighter time-window choices that can maximize delivery convenience for customers, increase revenue through premium delivery services, reduce logistics costs and capture critical delivery information.

To learn more about Wayfair, visit www.wayfair.com.  

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Written by Andrew Roszko

Senior Vice President of Sales at Descartes