Streamline your transportation operations and save costs with a TMS

A Transport Management Solution (TMS) helps reduce costs, improve efficiency, enhance customer service, and streamline compliance management, making it an essential tool for any company that relies on transportation to deliver their products or services.

Descartes TMS

Run your supply chain more efficiently with Descartes Transportation Management

  • Optimize your transportation operations, reducing costs and improved efficiency.
  • Digitalize and simplify route planning, carrier selection, shipment tracking, transport consolidation and pre-billing.
  • Real-time transportation visibility, allowing you to track shipments in real-time and make more informed decisions.
  • Transport consolidation that result in cost saving, increased efficiency and help with emission reduction.
  • Pre-billing tools help you generate invoices and process payments for shipments before they are delivered.

If you are considering investing in a TMS you should focus on 4 key aspects

This whitepaper provides insight into these 4 key focus areas and how shippers and logistics service providers can benefit from more control over their supply chain.

whitepaper TMS

– Chris Dyer, Distribution Manager, Bosch –

“While some systems may have satisfied some of Bosch’s operational requirements, Descartes’ transportation management system (TMS), had the best return on investment (ROI). The Descartes Transportation Management solution gave us the highest confidence level in meeting the implementation target, as well as providing ongoing timely support. Descartes can handle all of our shipping needs, from the very smallest package to the largest full load”

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