Market Leaders across industries are disrupting the status quo, redefining their business models with new ways to connect with customers and fulfill their needs. They are managing and serving their customer needs—same day, twenty four hours a day. This is an always-on business model. The new customer is also always on—mobile and social.

In this paper we will discuss the philosophies and methods being used to create these new capabilities. We will discuss the competitive response and how to provide customer service while maintaining or reducing costs. That is becoming always on.

Ultimately, the goal is profitable choice, whether your business has regular or dynamic routes. We rarely achieve that today in logistics. With so many “inputs” that happen over time, it is often difficult to find those better choices. To do so means leveraging technology in more effective ways. That means the technology models should reflect our way of working. Logistics in motion is a continuous model, yet the mode which most businesses work in is batch. Since the rest of the world is real-time, responsive, and always on, shouldn’t our logistic systems reflect that?