Descartes’ Home Delivery solution offers more delivery and value-added service options at the point of order

Sleepy's®, The Mattress Professionals®, the largest privately-owned specialty mattress retailer in America, has transformed customer service by offering a highly-differentiated buying and delivery experience using Descartes' advanced home delivery appointment booking and mobile solutions. Sleepy's is a fourth-generation company with over 1,000 retail locations in seventeen states and nationally through, in addition to 7 state-of-the-art distribution centers located throughout the country, delivering an average of over 3,000 mattresses every day.

Why Descartes?

Donald Rowley, Executive and CIO at Sleepy's, needed a differentiated buying and delivery experience to serve as a foundation for increased sales and higher customer loyalty. "The code we live by at Sleepy's is to offer our customers the best price, most convenient delivery, and most reliable service so that 100% of customers are satisfied 100% of the time," said Rowley. "Descartes' superior technology platform for home delivery helps us deliver on this promise every day. A huge differentiator for us is the ability to collaborate with our independent delivery agents to support the entire customer buying and delivery lifecycle with Descartes' route planning, execution and mobile solutions integrated to our customer relationship management (CRM) system."

Descartes' Home Delivery Solution

With advanced continuous delivery appointment and route optimization capabilities, Descartes' home delivery solution enables Sleepy's to offer more delivery and value-added service options at the point of order including next day delivery, set-up and removal. The solution's enterprise-class, web-based architecture connects and synchronizes internal and external parties involved in the delivery process. In combination with Descartes' Airclic Perform advanced mobile solution for GPS-enabled mobile tracking and electronic proof of delivery (ePoD), Sleepy's can rely on independent delivery agents to deliver orders while eliminating manual paper-based processes and reducing overall distribution costs.

The benefits that Sleepy’s has experienced using Descartes’ Home Delivery solution offer a key example of how our customers can transform customer service and achieve significant value by augmenting the delivery appointment booking and route planning and execution solutions they use from Descartes.

Descartes Route Planner
Written by Ken Wood

Executive Vice President, Product Strategy at Descartes