Reviews Businesses Transactions with Advanced Restricted Party List Screening

Descartes has enabled us to easily and seamlessly
expand the scope of our global screening practice—not only customers, but vendors, freight forwarders, employees, and other trading partners—for enhanced security and best practices. Whether we’re applying for a new export license or working with international banks, the Descartes solution ensures robust trade compliance.
-Peter Miller,Global Trade Compliance Manager Emerald Performance Materials

With operations in the US, UK, and Netherlands, Emerald Performance Materials is a producer of specialty chemicals for a broad range of food and industrial applications. Descartes MK Dynamic Screening™ helps Emerald efficiently screen its global customers, trading partners and employees to reduce the risk of transacting business with restricted parties and avoid the potentially harsh penalties that can come with non-compliance.

The Challenge: Maintaining Vigilant Trade Compliance

As part of its global trade compliance program, Emerald strives to ensure it does not transact business with prohibited or restricted entities, corporations, countries, or persons. However, collecting, maintaining, and updating worldwide denied, sanctioned, and restricted data from multiple global lists is a challenging and time-consuming task. In 2006, Emerald turned to a web- based, on-demand screening solution from Descartes. Today, with industry best practices tending toward broader screening strategies, Emerald wanted a more proactive solution to automate the process of screening not only customers, but also suppliers, logistics services providers, and employees across its global operations.

The Solution: Automating for Real-time DPS Compliance

Companies who violate denied party trade restrictions may incur harsh civil and criminal charges. With more than 350,000 individual restricted entities on multiple lists maintained by various governments and organizations worldwide, however, screening is a complex and overwhelming endeavor. What’s more, many of these lists are updated hourly—further exacerbating the screening challenge.

With industry best practices evolving to screening the full range of participants in a company’s business, Emerald decided to upgrade from Descartes’ on-demand solution to the Descartes MK Dynamic Screening solution to simplify compliance with global trade restrictions.

“We have been successfully using Descartes’ on-demand DPS system to manually screen our customer data for years. But we were looking to automate the process with a more proactive, robust system to save us time and mitigate risk more effectively,” said Peter Miller, Global Trade Compliance Manager, Emerald Performance Materials.

Descartes MK Dynamic Screening ensures the highest level of global trade compliance, proactively screening Emerald’s master customer (and employee, logistics provider, supplier) data when a new entry is made in a denied party list. Notification reports are automatically generated to relay results. In addition to mitigating risk, the automated Descartes solution helps Emerald eliminate redundant screening, boost productivity, and focus on its core competencies.

“The new solution is so much easier and saves us an enormous amount of time. With the manual system, we ran names when we received orders and again before shipping. Plus, we had to run them again for any subsequent transactions. It was an unnecessary duplication of efforts that the new automated system has eliminated,” said Miller. 

The Results Include:

  • Robust Trade Compliance

With Descartes MK Dynamic Screening, Emerald mitigates the risk of conducting business with restricted parties by centralizing and standardizing screening practices across its operations in the US, UK, and Netherlands.

  • Significant Time Savings

With Descartes MK Dynamic Screening, Emerald mitigates the risk of conducting business with restricted parties by centralizing and standardizing screening practices across its operations in the US, UK, and Netherlands.

  • Decreased Risk

As updates are made to denied party lists around the world, Descartes MK Dynamic Screening proactively scans Emerald’s master data—customers, suppliers, logistics providers, employees—to enable real-time screening against restricted parties.

  • Well-preserved Brand Reputation

The robust capabilities of Descartes MK Dynamic Screening help Emerald to uphold its stellar reputation by ensuring trade compliance and minimizing the risk of fines, revocation of export privileges, and criminal and civil charges.