With more than 30 years of building its network and serving long-term customers, Argix Logistics has established itself as a leading provider of logistics and supply chain services to high-profile retailers. To improve execution and enhance service to customers, Argix is expanding its relationship with Descartes by deploying enhanced real-time mobile and dispatch capabilities with Descartes Route Planner™ On-demand. The new solution complements Argix’s use of the BearWare carton-level tracking solution, now part of Descartes’ portfolio as part of its acquisition of BearWare in July 2015.

Why Descartes for Cloud-based Route Planning and Execution?

With Descartes Route Planner On-demand, companies can plan deliveries, schedule appointments, optimize routes and dispatch orders in a completely paperless environment.  The solution also combines real-time, GPS-based visibility into fleet activities with real-time wireless communication between the office and drivers using mobile devices. Using these capabilities, companies can virtually instantaneously reassign deliveries, respond to customer changes on the fly and manage exceptions. They can also increase customer service levels by proactively managing intra-day communications with their customers.

Why Descartes for Carton-level Tracking?

With Descartes Pool Distribution, retailers and their logistics service providers can improve collaboration on store shipments. Using mobile-based carton-level tracking, the solution complements shipment-level tracking and gives retailers another way to move their goods efficiently through the supply chain to help ensure that they have the right goods, in the right location, at the right time and for the lowest cost.

Cloud-based Route Planning and Execution Solution Improves On-time Delivery Performance and Decreases Transportation Costs

Descartes Route Planner On-demand is an integrated cloud-based delivery routing software, execution and mobile solution that offers advanced capabilities at an affordable cost, such as optimizing both static and dynamic routes, tracking and monitoring driver performance, and capturing proof-of-delivery information in real-time. The solution includes Descartes Mobile™, a family of GPS-based mobile applications that improve driver productivity and automate paper-based delivery processes, and Descartes Dispatch™ which facilitates assigning new orders, managing exceptions and communicating with drivers in real-time.

Carton-level Tracking Solution Enhances Collaboration Between Retailers and Their Logistics Service Providers

Descartes Pool Distribution solutions use mobile technology to scan cartons at key milestones in the distribution center to storefront process. This carton-level tracking complements shipment-level tracking and helps identify potential inventory replenishment for each store, reduces theft and claims for lost cartons, and streamlines shipment payment. The solution also supports pool distribution, which helps retailers to reduce logistics costs and minimize store disruptions by eliminating unconsolidated direct shipments from suppliers and retailer distribution centers into stores.

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Written by Eric Bossdorf

Vice President, Global Logistics Network at Descartes