This February, Descartes Education and Training hosted another in-class training session, this time taking place in Sydney, Australia. Fifteen people attended the training, which was organized in collaboration with Descartes’ reseller Bestrane. They all successfully completed the Descartes Route Planner™ Super User Training program and received a certificate.

This specific program focuses primarily on providing trainees with a working knowledge of the product’s advanced capabilities. The central subject is planning and scheduling with Descartes Route Planner from a business perspective. In addition, we covered subjects relating to application security and territory creation.

In-class training gives Descartes customers the opportunity to share experiences and best practices, in a focused and engaging setting.  

Being able to bring our Descartes trainers to Australia made it possible for our customers to receive training not far from their home base. We tailored the training to meet our trainees’ local needs. Sharing best practices and learning how to use new capabilities ensure that our customers get the most out of the Descartes solutions they are using.

Special thanks to Beth Davies, Lee Karlinsky, Sergio Torres and Bestrane.

Descartes Education and Training - Australia 2016

About Descartes Education and Training

Descartes Education and Training is dedicated to offering high-quality standardized training to our customers. Goals include helping our customers improve their proficiency with Descartes solutions, gain a better understanding of core solution capabilities, improve their understanding of how the solutions can help to improve their operations and share implementation best practices.

If you would like to schedule a training session, have questions about the program or would like to receive pricing information, please contact the Descartes Education and Training Center team via email at, or by submitting a comment below.