This past January, we hosted our first in-class training session at the Descartes Education and Training Center in Atlanta, GA. Ten trainees successfully completed the Descartes Route Planner™ Solution Administrator Training class, which, focused primarily on configuring servers to maximize the application’s potential. We also covered using different API’s for integration to ensure the application is working in the most stable environment. With this knowledge the trainees now have a deeper understanding of the Admin section of the Descartes Route Planner application and are empowered to independently support the solution.

The in-class training, conducted at the learning center, gives Descartes customers the opportunity to share experiences and best practices, while not being distracted by their hectic work schedule. At the conclusion of the class, trainees received their certificates of completion.

“We were very happy to launch our first in-class training session, which is just the beginning of what we will be offering in the upcoming months. We have received a lot of enthusiastic reactions from our customers and are already preparing new course materials to fulfill the numerous requests. Many more to come!” said Kjartan Ouwerkerk, Manager Education and Training at Descartes.

Photo of Trainee Group

About Descartes Education and Training

Descartes Education and Training is dedicated to offering high-quality standardized training to our customers. The goals include helping our customers learn more about Descartes solutions, how the Descartes solutions can help to improve their operations, gain a better understanding of the solution’s core capabilities and share implementation best practices.

If you would like to schedule a training session, have questions about the program or receive pricing information, please feel free to contact the Descartes Education and Training Center team via email at [email protected], or by submitting a comment below.

Written by Kjartan Ouwerkerk

Manager of Education and Training at Descartes