Logistics means making sure the right goods are in the right place, in the right quantities, at the right time, securely, and for the lowest cost. To do this, logistics companies are all battling the same issue: streamlining the delivery process to save time and money.

Customers always want their goods now! Time efficiency can become an especially daunting task when goods cross borders. A rapid exchange of information about security, contents and location of the container, is vital to save time and give the customer what they want when they want it.

In conjunction with Belgium Customs, VIL (Flanders Institute for Logistics) developed the VeLP+ system, its e-Logistics Platform. VeLP+ system leaps beyond the standard logistics tracking practices, and collects information from all sources along the delivery lane.

VeLP+ tracks each container, its current location, location history, its integrity status, and information on whether the goods have been opened with or without authorization. The information is gathered and accessible by all parties involved in the delivery process: the Exporter, Logistics Service Provider, Customs, and Importer.

The ability of the VeLP+ to provide information to Customs, about the goods integrity status, afforded Customs the opportunity to develop the Secure Trade Lanes or Green Lanes for goods crossing the borders, offering a considerable time savings and creating a win-win solution for the Exporter, Customs, and Importer.

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