Ecommerce is transforming the grocery industry and creating tremendous opportunities for grocers to drive greater profitability and increased customer loyalty. It’s a demanding business model, however, and it requires an intense focus on efficiency. To help grocers’ ecommerce initiatives reach full profit potential, MyWebGrocer (MWG) and Descartes have launched a combined solution that helps grocery retailers support the customer ecommerce experience from online purchase through home delivery.

Canada’s largest western-based food store chain—the Overwaitea Food Group & Save-On-Foods—is already using the combined solution to support its ecommerce strategy. Wayne Currie, Vice President of Information Technology and Ecommerce for the Overwaitea Food Group & Save-On-Foods, emphasized that the company believes “a sophisticated ecommerce platform is fundamental to meeting the needs of customers today, and that home delivery is another key touchpoint where we can make a positive impact on customers” and that “the combined solution from MWG and Descartes helps us efficiently give customers what they want, where and when they want it.”

Why Descartes for Home Delivery?

Descartes’ home delivery software features dynamic delivery appointment booking, advanced route optimization and integrated mobile technology. Its comprehensive capabilities address the entire delivery lifecycle from delivery appointment scheduling, delivery route planning and execution, real-time GPS-based mobile solutions for route management and proof-of-delivery, and automated pre- and post-delivery notification services.

Built on an enterprise class, web-based architecture, Descartes’ home delivery software is already integrated with MyWebGrocer’s digital experience platform, which lets grocery and CPG brands enable every digital interaction to attract, engage, transact and retain grocery shoppers. With mobile and web-based order management and fulfilment, grocers of any size manage the entire click and collect value chain through to grocery pick up and now delivery.

Home Delivery Software Improves Grocery Customer Service and Delivery Performance      

As the growth of ecommerce continues to reshape delivery operations in diverse markets, Descartes’ home delivery software can help retailers, like grocers, offer customers more delivery and value-added service options, gain greater control over delivery execution, and ultimately help to ensure a positive delivery experience to foster greater brand loyalty. Grocers use the solution to offer customers optimized delivery time windows during the purchase process, effectively plan delivery routes, wirelessly dispatch deliveries to drivers using mobile devices, respond to customer changes and delivery exceptions as they occur, and engage with customers using post-delivery online surveys.

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Written by Ken Wood

Executive Vice President, Product Strategy at Descartes