Lee Karlinsky is Vice President, Alliances & Corporate Accounts at Descartes Lee-Karlinsky Download a presentation from Descartes’ Global User Group Conference to hear Kraft discuss how they used advanced mobile technology to improve their sales and merchandising operations. A lack of visibility to the daily logistics activity of sales and merchandising personnel in the field can make improving productivity highly challenging. For many companies the process is “open loop” – manual and relies on the sales people or merchandisers to report the time they spent in individual stores, miles driven, product placed and miscellaneous expenses. Managers phone each sales person or merchandiser with instructions on what stores to visit when and for how long, but not know exactly what actually occurred during the week. With revenue and profits on the line, optimizing resources in the field is critical in helping organizations compete and thrive. Without the right tools to measure and monitor activities in real time, it is increasingly hard to contain the costs associated with sales and merchandising. Download this video to hear how Kraft implemented an end-to-end on-demand  Sales & Merchandiser solution to “close the loop” through the integration of store visit planning, tracking of field activity and payroll authorization using the tracking data.