Lift Off Distribution is Using Descartes Route Planner™ RS to Optimize Distribution Territories, Route Plans and Delivery Frequency

Lift Off Distribution, the third largest distributor of Red Bull energy drinks in the U.S., is attaining better levels of customer service and greater operational efficiencies after replacing manual practices with an automated solution for route planning and execution. Using Descartes Route Planner™ RS, the company has optimized distribution territories, route plans and delivery frequency for its private fleet operations across a variety of customers and 7-Eleven stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Challenge: Manual, paper-based Route Planning Practices

Drivers were provided with paper-based routes at the start of the day, and completion information was collected manually at the end of the day for reconciliation. During the day, the company had no real-time insight into driver location or delivery performance, and no ability to re-route drivers to respond effectively to changing customer needs or new conditions in the field. Drivers also spent a significant amount of time looking at physical maps to determine routes, and the maps themselves were cumbersome, quickly outdated and expensive to maintain.

Solution: Descartes Route Planner™ RS

The Descartes solution has helped the company to enhance fleet performance by optimizing delivery frequency, minimizing route distance and time, and maximizing vehicle utilization and driver productivity. Bryan Glover, General Manager at Lift Off Distribution, enthuses, “We work daily to ensure that we’re executing the highest level of service that is deserving of the Red Bull brand. By automating route planning, our delivery days are much more tightly managed, and our drivers are servicing smaller territories, yet making more deliveries. Our customers appreciate the increase in efficiency, particularly 7-Eleven, as the Descartes solution has allowed us to develop dedicated routes for the chain’s deliveries.


  • Eliminated physical maps and manual, paper-based route planning
  • Better customer service
  • More efficient routes
  • Supports future growth