AMP is the largest press distributor in Belgium. AMP distributes not only national but international press titles. This distribution includes more than 300 newspaper and 5.000 magazines titles. AMP is the largest press distributor in Belgium. With about 350 vehicles (trucks and vans) the company delivers 6 days a week almost 6,000 points of sales including; independent agents, kiosks, press shops, superstores, and gas stations.


Time is the most constraining factor within the press world. Publishers want to print as late as possible in order to include the latest news (e.g. football results). Most of the newspapers and magazines are off the press between midnight and 3:00 a.m. and very often have to be available at point-of-sale locations as early as 4:00 a.m. The time window for AMP to distribute to their 6,000 distribution points is very narrow.

The choice of AMP to work with Descartes was based on the potential to configure the Descartes WinRoute™ to address the delivery challenges faced by AMP: high volumes, specific delivery hours and dispersed depot locations. This, in combination with the solutions’ ability to simulate cost savings and effectively optimize routes, led the organization to the Descartes fleet management software.


Descartes WinRoute™ leverages advanced route planning and optimization technologies and was designed to be an interactive tool for route planners. The solution can calculate your daily planning, improve service delivery as well as examine the cost effectiveness of your transportation strategy, helping to understand and control company supply chain costs.


Part of AMP’s mandate is to contribute to the protection of our environment. Descartes' route planning solution supports this effort by grouping deliveries, limiting the number of vehicles and number of kilometers on the road. In addition, within the distribution sector, volume and weight are crucial. The route planning solution helps to ensure that the legal transportation standards and maximum cargo capacities are always met.