Mobile Resource Management Software

Descartes Sales & Merchandiser Management™ solution helps improve productivity and boost customer service for organizations distributing their products and services directly to retailers. Mobile Resource Route Management performs mobile resource planning, route building, route optimization, and fleet tracking across your delivery operations and your mobile workforce – including sales representatives, territory managers and merchandisers – ensuring you have greater visibility and control over all activities in the field.

Mobile Workforce Management for Sales and Merchandisers

Top line growth is the number one objective for consumer oriented manufacturers and distributors. Being able to manage the sales representative and merchandiser activity end-to end is one of the keys to driving top line growth. It starts with planning that maximizes the amount of time that these critical resources have in their customer’s stores and delivery synchronization that helps ensure that product is there when the merchandiser arrives. Real-time tracking and communications ensures that disruption with deliveries has minimal impact on merchandiser productivity and actual in-store time. Sequencing and tracking help to reduce rising mileage reimbursement costs. Automated data capture and reporting allows better performance tracking of individual sales reps and merchandisers and that data can be readily integrated with corporate payroll systems reducing paperwork and processing costs.

Drives Operational Efficiencies

  • Automated route planning can optimize and coordinate daily delivery routes and merchandiser routes in real time
  • Eliminate inefficiencies found in fixed delivery routes
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime hours by creating a coordinated plan that ensures merchandisers arrive within a narrow time window following a delivery of goods
  • Track performance of both delivery vehicles and merchandisers throughout the day
  • Measure performance results against historical data to optimize resource allocation
  • Reduce back-office processing of timecards by using a mobile phone to capture date and time stamps for a merchandiser’s arrival/departure at each customer site
  • Be more efficient and productive in deploying resources in the field

Streamline the Mobile Workforce

  • Field data capture provides improved tracking of field activity
  • Territory managers gain visibility into their mobile workforce, and can identify at a glance which merchandisers are assigned to each delivery
  • Mobile workers achieve real-time visibility into delivery status with accurate and updated E.T.A.s that take into account traffic and other delays
  • Merchandisers gain access to their own routes on the fly through call outs or via their mobile phones
  • Merchandisers can improve customer service through more accurate arrival scheduling
  • Ensure the optimal use of the sales rep and merchandiser’s time with the customer
  • Reduce on shelf out of stocks
  • Improve the effectiveness of promotions and increase the sales of highly seasonal products
  • Minimize retail store back room space demands when delivery and merchandiser routes are synchronized
  • Efficient service may be rewarded with more shelf space

A Leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Company Optimizes Sales & Merchandiser Productivity

The current merchandising process was “open loop”, which meant it was manual and relied on the sales people or merchandisers to report the time they spent in individual stores, miles driven, product placed and miscellaneous expenses. The managers would have to phone each sales person or merchandiser with instructions on what stores to visit when and for how long, but they wouldn’t have an understanding of what actually happened during the week.

Benefits of Descartes Sales & Merchandiser Management™

  • Weekly activity planning
  • Stop sequencing
  • Product delivery synchronization
  • Schedule & in-store activity communication via GPS-enabled phones
  • Real-time tracking of product deliveries
  • Real-time tracking of merchandisers and sales representatives
  • Real-time delivery status visibility for merchandisers and sales representatives
  • Actual miles driven and in-store time calculation
  • Consolidated performance reporting for management and the merchandiser and sales representatives
  • Performance data available for up-loading to corporate payroll and expense reporting systems
  • Standard integration with Descartes’ delivery route planning solutions