Sales territory planning software that helps improve the efficiency, visibility and service levels of your routing plans for mobile resources.

Descartes Sales & Territory Planner is geared towards organizations that have a recurring delivery customer base but have vehicles that go to the same delivery areas every day. The software evaluates geographic distribution and sales potential for each customer to establish optimal territory and route definitions. Factors considered include minimizing travel time and related costs and balancing opportunities across members of the sales team. Descartes Sales & Territory Planner can help improve the efficiency, visibility and service levels of your routing plans for mobile resources, including:

Insightful Visuals

Displays territories, routes and customer locations in full-color, street-level maps with associated cost implications. Provides views for metrics for revenues, standard products, package sizes and territories, etc.

Intelligent Bid Support

Provides the insight needed to evaluate the impact of new business opportunities and bid appropriately. Facilitates assessment and allocation of sales resources needed to support new business and new markets.

Flexible "What if" Analysis

Can be configured to restrict costly delivery options while offering incentives for more beneficial time slots. Enables the reservation of preferred shipping windows for the most profitable customers, automatically closing off slots to those of lower priority.

Geographic Itelligence

Employs an extensive digital road network to support street-level optimization and turn-by-turn directions. Provides more accurate drive time calculations than traditional point-to-point estimates. Considers weather and traffic-related conditions.


Benefits of Descartes Sales & Territory Planner:

  • Maximize the productivity of delivery, sales, resales and merchandising personnel
  • Balance territory assignments, workloads and earnings potential
  • Decrease drive time, route length and fuel consumption
  • Improve number of daily deliveries and delivery volume
  • Increase selling time for sales representatives
  • Enable an objective analysis of sales territories to prioritize service