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Al de la Vega, Senior Solution Consultant, Descartes Systems Group

How has the importance of routing changed?

The value of routing has continued to rise as companies in all markets are seeking to gain a better understanding of their business operations and to become more efficient. Historically, routing was a manual process. Even today, there are companies that route manually with a planner in an office who creates routes based on local experience. Or a business would simply provide a number of stops to a driver, and based on the driver's knowledge of the market, routes would be developed.

Today, the more progressive companies are using modern, cloud-based routing solutions to better manage their drivers and vehicles more efficiently. The business impact of routing, mobile and telematics is increasing, and businesses are looking for an end-to-end-solution that encompasses route planning, route execution, as well as driver and vehicle performance.

Descartes Routing, Mobile & Telematics solution helps companies create more dense routes, minimize vehicle and labor costs, reduce mileage and maximize fuel efficiency. The solution also helps harmonize different delivery channels. In some markets, customers are willing to pay a premium for the speed and reliability of their service.

How does Descartes enable distribution excellence for customers?

Descartes provides companies with greater control and oversight of all aspects of distribution operations. Descartes also improves productivity, performance and safety. We help companies make their fleet and mobile resources more efficient, and offer services to comply with government regulations.

About Descartes Routing, Mobile & Telematics

Descartes works with leading companies across the globe to develop innovative solutions to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer service by offering the industry’s most comprehensive fleet management software solutions for optimized route planning; integrated mobility for planning, dispatch and delivery processes; and advanced telematics to improve safety and ensure regulatory compliance. Our single-integrated platform helps deliver a true command of operations by uniting optimized route planning, dispatching and GPS tracking, mobile applications, vehicle telematics, fleet/driver, compliance and performance analytics.

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