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Andrew Roszko, Senior Vice President, Sales, North America, Descartes Systems Group

What are the key trends in routing, mobile & telematics?

There are two primary trends that have emerged in routing, mobile & telematics. In the last five years, processes have moved to the cloud. The vast majority of companies are seeking to remove personal computers from the desktop, handle processes in the cloud, and provide access to the broader organization to improve visibility. Secondly, there is also a trend to move from a simple routing tool, to a tool that can route. Instead of an employee simply reviewing routes every day and manipulating them in a solution, technology has evolved to enable added automation. The processing power in the cloud has increased to help remove the human element from the equation to help customers save money.

How does Descartes support the growing importance of delivery for its customers?

There is a core value proposition in the routing, mobile and telematics space to help companies transition away from manual processes toward technology. As a result, business can save 5%-15% in asset optimization, reduce miles, and help drivers become an hour more productive each day.

Looking toward the future, compliance has become more important. For example, regulations such as the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) requirement now mandate that “black boxes” must be placed in vehicles. When companies begin examining technology in the vehicles, they begin to consider a broader suite of functionality—not only telematics, but routing and mobile as well. Businesses are also thinking beyond compliance, and researching how to use technology to improve customer service. Companies are also looking to notify customers before a delivery is made, advise of ETAs, and differentiate their product offering through delivery.

About Descartes Routing, Mobile & Telematics

Descartes works with leading companies across the globe to develop innovative solutions to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer service by offering the industry’s most comprehensive fleet management software solutions for optimized route planning; integrated mobility for planning, dispatch and delivery processes; and advanced telematics to improve safety and ensure regulatory compliance. Our single-integrated platform helps deliver a true command of operations by uniting optimized route planning, dispatching and GPS tracking, mobile applications, vehicle telematics, fleet/driver, compliance and performance analytics.

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