As a small to midsized e-commerce business leader focused on overcoming warehouse challenges, you may be in the middle of a warehouse management software (WMS) comparison. Have you outgrown paper-based methods, and already bought or are about to buy NetSuite’s® ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software?

If so, you need the right mobile WMS software to integrate with NetSuite, streamline warehouse activities, and increase productivity. Depending on the size and complexity of your business, you may not need highly sophisticated warehouse software, that tends to be more expensive and complicated to implement, to achieve your goals.

This Descartes OzLink Mobile versus RF Smart comparison will help you understand the differences between these frequently recommended WMS integrations for NetSuite.

OzLink Mobile Vs. RF Smart Cost Comparison

Both Descartes OzLink Mobile and RF Smart use a subscription model for pricing, charging implementation/setup fees plus yearly license fees for users. Descartes OzLink Mobile provides a more budget-friendly price point.

The cost for both solutions depends on a variety of factors, including business size and the number of users. Here is a general estimate of the Descartes OzLink Mobile vs. RF Smart monthly cost for a small to mid-sized business with 1-5 users. Cost estimates for RF Smart are based on information provided by prospects and customers who previously received quotes from RF Smart.

OzLink Mobile Vs. RF Smart Cost Comparison

OzLink Mobile Vs. RF Smart Implementation Comparison

Many NetSuite customers shopping for mobile warehouse software look for three main things concerning implementation: cost, speed, and level of difficulty. For example, urgent warehouse problems may require faster implementation.

OzLink Mobile Vs. RF Smart Implementation Comparison

Implementation Cost

Both Descartes OzLink Mobile and RF Smart charge implementation fees to cover setup of the software. Implementation cost for Descartes OzLink Mobile can range from $5,000 – $5,500 depending on the complexity of the setup. The customers and prospects we interviewed regarding RF Smart’s implementation cost said RF Smart’s implementation fees range from 2x to 5x higher.

Implementation Timeframe

With any software solution, the complexity of the product affects the implementation timeframe. As a simpler, less feature-heavy solution, Descartes OzLink Mobile offers a shorter implementation timeframe. In contrast, RF Smart’s complex product requires more setup and longer implementation.

Level of Difficulty

Does your business have a dedicated CTO or technology manager who can commit considerable time and attention to implementing complex new software? With Descartes OzLink Mobile a dedicated technology expert is not needed; implementations are generally simple and relatively quick. In contrast, the complexity of RF Smart’s product leads to moderately difficult implementation and may require an expert for setup.

Assessing Your Implementation Needs

When comparing the implementation experience between the two solutions, assess your business needs. What is most important: a complex, technical feature set that takes more time to learn, or straightforward capabilities with a budget-friendly, quick, and easy implementation that gets people productive right away?

OzLink Mobile Vs. RF Smart Feature Comparison

Which features matter the most when choosing a WMS that integrates with NetSuite? The size and complexity of your warehouse operations will determine which features you need to be successful. Unneeded features will add clutter to your user interface and slow your warehouse workers down.

Barcode Scanning

Every warehouse benefits from barcode scanning. Not only does barcode scanning prevent keyed entry errors and end hand-written records, but it also increases efficiency. From receiving, to picking, to replenishment, barcodes make everything better. Both Descartes OzLink Mobile and RF Smart offer barcode scanning.

Multi-Strategy Mobile-Based Picking

The #1 reason small to midsize businesses look for warehouse software is to solve problems with picking. Choosing software with multi-strategy mobile-based picking gives warehouse managers the ability to assign picking strategies that maximize efficiency.

Not only does multi-strategy mobile-based picking tell warehouse workers exactly where every item can be found, but it also tells them the most efficient way to get there. As a result, workers never need to wander around the warehouse searching shelves for items. Both Descartes OzLink Mobile and RF Smart have this feature.

Receiving Inventory

To prevent errors where a shopping cart declines an order because of an incorrect stockout, WMS software needs to make received inventory immediately available for sale. The program must tell NetSuite every time an item is scanned into receiving, and then NetSuite will update the product inventory for connected e-commerce stores.

Real-time inventory receiving means no time lapse between when an item is received in the warehouse and when it appears in NetSuite’s inventory. NetSuite automatically updates as soon as the WMS software’s barcode scanner scans an item.

In addition, WMS software should create a directed putaway path for items according to NetSuite’s bin system. NetSuite knows which bin should hold each item. The WMS knows where that bin lives in the warehouse, and it gives workers the most efficient path to put the item away. Both Descartes OzLink Mobile and RF Smart have this capability.

Inventory Counting/Cycle Counting

Warehouse managers must keep a correct inventory count. Accurate inventory prevents overselling and unnecessary cancellation of orders due to incorrect stockout reports. WMS software needs to equip warehouse workers to do partial inventory counts every day.

Traditionally, warehouses did a yearly stop-and-count of all items. Not only was the process time-consuming and tedious, but it also made it difficult to pinpoint when and where inventory errors occurred.

By using cycle counting, a warehouse never has to stop operating to count inventory. In addition, because the inventory is counted more often, managers can quickly find the source of inventory errors. Both Descartes OzLink Mobile and RF Smart offer this feature.


Depending on the complexity of a business’ warehouse operations, the warehouse manager may need WMS Software to be customizable. From custom fields to dashboards and reporting capabilities, WMS software can offer a variety of customizable options.

Descartes OzLink Mobile offers a custom screen on a warehouse worker’s mobile device. This simple feature executes a script or workflow built in NetSuite, and it allows workers to capture or display information beyond the product’s native workflows. The NetSuite administrator does the customization, and Descartes OzLink Mobile displays it.

RF Smart offers some customization options, though they encourage buyers to use their Built-for-NetSuite solution. Businesses with complex warehousing needs may opt to have RF Smart build them a custom WMS solution within NetSuite’s ERP.

Manufacturing/Assembly Modules

Businesses that combine warehouse activities with manufacturing and assembly benefit from a WMS with a manufacturing/assembly module. This module creates lists of components needed for assembling products, then it tells workers where to find the components and how to put them together.

The software’s capabilities need to match the complexity of the manufacturing/assembly activities performed. For simple assembly with no excess waste or scraps going back into inventory, Descartes OzLink Mobile offers plenty of functionality. It uses the NetSuite manufacturing module and displays it on a mobile device.

For complex manufacturing, cutting, scrap inventory, or 3rd party processes, check out RF Smart’s Advanced Manufacturing Mobile Solution. They offer advanced manufacturing reporting tools, automation for ASRS, and inter-company cross-subsidiary fulfillment.

Manufacturing/Assembly Modules

License Plating

Businesses that warehouse and/or manufacture food products need WMS software with license plating capabilities. License plating allows the warehouse to track lot and serial numbers on product packaging to pinpoint each item’s location on pallets or in cages as they move through the warehouse.

Both Descartes OzLink Mobile and RF Smart allow users to build license plates from scratch, receive items directly to a license plate, and move that license plate through the warehouse. The main difference between capabilities is that RF Smart already has a Pick to License Plate feature, and Descartes OzLink Mobile’s version of this feature is still in development.

WMS software with license plating capabilities

Making a Decision about WMS Software for NetSuite

Deciding on the best warehouse management software for your small to mid-sized business ultimately comes down to priorities. Which solution meets your most important needs? Here is a side-by-side Descartes OzLink Mobile-RF Smart comparison to help you decide which WMS software to buy.

Making a Decision about WMS Software for NetSuite

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