9 Features Necessary in Routing and Dispatch Software for Mobile Resource Management

Mobile Resource Management is the process of tracking, planning, dispatching and optimizing the use of assets and people that are involved in the movement of goods.  For organizations with delivery fleets, mobile resource management is critical, yet poses some significant challenges.

By integrating design, planning, execution, performance management, mobile solutions and telematics, you can maximize private fleet and contract carrier productivity, improve customer service, provide visibility to global and regional supply chain performance, and capture the necessary data to drive world class logistics operations.

Features to look for: 

  1. Web-based access to a full suite of route planning and optimization tools
  2. End-to-end functionality for planning, dispatch and mobile connectivity
  3. Support for passive tracking (e.g. GPS) & driver interaction (e.g. handheld computers) in real time
  4. Support for a full range of mobile devices (e.g. black boxes, Java phones, BlackBerry devices, Windows Mobile devices, and touch screen PCs)
  5. Telematics functionality for truck and driver behavior analysis including engine diagnostics using fault codes
  6. Maintenance scheduling
  7. Mileage & fuel efficiency reporting 
  8. Hours of Service for DOT regulations compliance
  9. Seamless interoperability encompassing all markets, modes and logistics related processes based on open standard collaborative interfaces (SCIs)