Home Delivery, Omni-Channel Retailing and Inbound Logistics

Are you looking for new ways to improve your performance?

We work with leading retailers throughout the globe to provide them with innovative solutions that help them grow their top and bottom line, and not only improve their customer service, but make it a competitive differentiator. Whether your challenge is home delivery, omni-channel retailing or global/local inbound logistics, our solutions help you realize results quickly and have the flexibility to adapt as your business changes.

What makes us different is our solutions approach and architecture:

Home delivery is all about “profitable choice”. We turn what has traditionally been a cost focused activity into one that is a customer facing competitive advantage.

  • Differentiated customer service through flexible delivery time window choice
  • Increased revenue through premium delivery services or time windows
  • Reduced costs through steering customers to retailer optimal delivery times
  • Improved execution through same day/next day scheduling, combined with mobile enabled proof of delivery and automated pre- and post-delivery notification services

Omni-channel retailing requires a uniform, but differentiated delivery service across all selling channels and delivery modes. We help you create a powerful delivery “face” to your customers and leverage all of your delivery channels in a single-integrated approach.

  • Improved customer service through real-time integration with your POS, web storefront and call center solutions
  • Increased flexibility and reduced costs through common carrier, small package and private/dedicated fleet delivery planning and optimization
  • Improved delivery control through full transportation execution capabilities including, tendering, parcel manifesting, fleet routing, proof of delivery and freight auditing
  • Streamlined transportation operations through carrier connectivity through the world’s largest global logistics network

Inbound logistics is about optimizing the flow of goods while reducing purchase order to dock or store door lead times. We help you gain visibility and control and streamline the flow of the goods globally or locally, regardless of whether the transportation is managed by the supplier or retailer.

  • Improved delivery reliability through end-to-end visibility and control from purchase order to dock or store door
  • Better coordination through integrated supplier and carrier multimodal, multi-party planning and execution
  • Reduced lead times through new multi-party processes that streamline traditional logistics operations
  • More reliable and less costly import operations through improved customs integration and fiscal compliance
  • Improved logistics collaboration through carrier, logistics services provider, customs house broker and regulatory agency connectivity

Technology matters. To deliver all of these advanced capabilities you need a broad suite of solutions and an architecture that can scale across your enterprise and your supplier and logistics partners. Our solutions are web-based, operate in the cloud and include the world’s largest multimodal messaging network, the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™). Our technology helps you get the best results, a rapid return-on-investment, reduces technology complexity and connects you to the suppliers and logistics partners that are essential to your success.

  • Flexibility to solve your unique logistics challenges through the most comprehensive suite of modular, but integrated logistics management solutions
  • Maximize your business performance through advanced optimization technology
  • Reduced lead times and better control through multi-party collaborative execution
  • Control right up to the customer’s door through integrated mobile wireless solutions
  • Improved collaboration and coordination of your partners through the Descartes GLN
  • Support for commercial, logistics, customs and product data management messaging processes
  • High-tech and low-tech solutions for large and small supplier, carrier and LSP integration
  • 10+ years successfully delivering multi-party SaaS based solutions