Sears shares how it transitioned from an old in-house, batch routing system with limited resource capabilities to Descartes' flexible and rapidly deployed real-time routing and scheduling solution for their nationwide home delivery operations. Sears asked their customers, "What is your biggest pain point when it comes to delivery operations?" and the customers answered: "Where is my delivery driver?" Sears decided that they needed a route planning technology that provided real-time delivery data to drive accurate delivery promises to Sears customers. Descartes' routing software provides the flexibility and ease-of-use that Sears can rely on to make each customer experience a "wow" experience, while giving the operations team real-time data to manage truck capacity, make adjustments to routes at any time, and analyze delivery driver performance. Watch the video to hear how Sears optimized their home delivery operations in just 6 months, across 106 delivery hubs in Sears’ national network.

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