Excerpt from article, Dynamic Data: As business continues to evlove, managing data has become every bit as important to the supply chain as managing production, shipments, and inventories

Scrambling for Necessities

Cloud-based systems are even ready when retail demand surges at short notice, such as when a hurricane bears down on a metro area and residents scramble for batteries and flashlights. Rather than selling out in hours and waiting days for the next delivery, CVS Caremark adjusts orders via a logistics management platform provided by Descartes, a logistics technology services company headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. The cloud-based service continuously and immediately updates all suppliers and carriers.

In such situations, less urgent shipments might be held for a day or more, and trucks might be reloaded or rerouted. In the end, a smart network means customers aren’t left in the dark. “We use our cloud-based network to get into the flow of CVS and its partners’ data,” says Chris Jones, executive vice president of marketing and services for Descartes. “Then we have applications that use that data in the cloud so suppliers, carriers, and CVS can all see the impact.”

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