WATERLOO, ONTARIO, August 22, 2002 -- The Descartes Systems Group Inc., (Nasdaq:DSGX), (TSX:DSG), a trusted provider of logistics solutions, today announced that Maersk Sealand, the world's largest ocean cargo carrier, will standardize its global operations for rate management and rate retrieval using Descartes Carrier Contract and Shipment Management™. A customer since 1992, this new deal expands Descartes' current relationship with the carrier.

A division of A.P. Moller, Maersk Sealand will standardize on Descartes Carrier Contract and Shipment Management to securely manage rate information across the carrier's global operations. The solution greatly reduces the time involved in rate calculations while improving rating accuracy, allowing Maersk Sealand to provide more timely and precise information to customers.

"With global supply chains increasing in complexity, shippers reliance on global shipping continues to gain in importance," said Gerald McNerney, Senior Research Analyst, AMR Research. "By providing precise rates and contract information in electronic form Carriers are better positioned to improve their internal processes as well as meet their customers requirements. Maersk Sealand's use of Descartes to reliably provide rate management and retrieval provides shippers with strong value-adding capability."

From points of origin and destination to special handling fees, ocean cargo rates incorporate multiple factors to determine an accurate bottom-line price for rating Bills of Lading. With Descartes Carrier Contract and Shipment Management over 600 concurrent Maersk Sealand users can store, amend, update, search, retrieve, quote and calculate rates quickly through a web-based solution that leverages the stability of the Global Logistics Services Network.

"Descartes' unique understanding of the ocean carrier environment in combination with the Company's robust rate and tariff database made our decision to standardize on Descartes technology a simple one," said Michael Laursen, Director/Business Applications, Maersk Sealand. "As a trusted provider of logistics solutions to our business for nearly 10 years, Descartes has proven that they can provide us with the accuracy, stability and reliability required in delivering timely and precise rate information to our customers."

"The world's number one ocean cargo carrier standardizing on Descartes technology says a lot for the strength of our ocean offering. Maersk Sealand has been an important customer for Descartes and we are pleased that they are expanding their relationship with us," said Manuel Pietra, co-chief executive officer and president, Descartes Systems Group. "Today's announcement is an opportunity for Descartes to continue building on the company's key strengths in providing logistics management technology to the ocean carrier industry."

Descartes Carrier Contract and Shipment Management solution provides a centralized system from which authorized users in all of an ocean carrier's departments can revise, store and distribute service contracts on a global basis. This solution provides access to Descartes' robust rate and tariff database, used today by the world's top ocean carriers.

About Maersk Sealand
Maersk Sealand is the world's largest provider of containerized transport solutions. The company's service network spans six continents with about 325 offices in more than over 100 countries employing over 10,000 people around the world. Maersk Sealand operates a fleet of over 250 vessels all over the globe.

About Descartes
The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (Nasdaq:DSGX) (TSX:DSG) is a trusted provider of logistics management technology. In over 60 countries Descartes' leading logistics solutions drive operational efficiency, enhance customer responsiveness and improve precision in purchasing for global organizations. For more information, visit www.descartes.com.

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