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B+S Logistik Transformed Its Warehouse Operations using Descartes

Capabilities to Streamline Ecommerce Receiving, Picking, Packing, & Shipping

Descartes Warehouse Management
Easy-to-use, proven pick, pack, ship processes to scale & grow revenue
Descartes for ERP-Enabled Warehouses
Enterprise and mobile integration solutions for businesses powered by solutions such as NetSuite
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Drive significant ecommerce fulfillment efficiencies with our next generation, 100% cloud-based stock and logistics management tools to automate the flow of data and optimize the movement of goods. Our WMS solution is designed to delivery rapid ROI and will help you reduce costs and automate in-house and logistic processes while easily scaling to adjust for seasonal fluctuations. The solution optimizes processes from receiving, picking, packing, shipping, carrier connectivity and more while optimizing warehouse processes. More than 1500 ecommerce leaders worldwide use our proven technology.

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Redcat Racing Drives Significant Omnichannel Growth
In the News
Redcat Racing Drives Significant Omnichannel Growth with Descartes

Ronald Thomas, Ecommerce Manager, Active Nutrition International

"[Descartes] helps us with innovative capabilities for ecommerce logistics to easily meet consumer demands for speed with same-day shipping. The solution has the features and capabilities we require to optimize warehouse processes and to quickly scale our growing business-to-consumer (B2C) operations."


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