More than 50 years ago, Schija Bertram (S.Bertram) founded a modest eggs and butter delivery service in New York City that was known for reliable deliveries and personal customer service. The enterprise grew steadily and today, S. Bertram, Inc. is a premier food service company that delivers to facilities throughout the Northeastern US.


S. Bertram drivers were given a list of stops on a manually-scheduled route. Dispatchers had limited visibility into their drivers’ locations, making it difficult to know the status of deliveries or adjust routes based on changing conditions.


Descartes Route Planner™ On-demand was deployed to optimize routing and scheduling for the S. Bertram fleet.  S. Bertram now has real-time visibility into the status of all deliveries and can provide timely, accurate service information to customers.


  • Improved on-time delivery performance
  • Reduced the amount of miles driven
  • Increased driver productivity levels, improved vehicle usage and decreased the number of hours required to plan drivers’ routes
  • Increased employee, vehicle and asset security and safety
  • Compliance with local government idling regulations
  • Reduced impact on environment
  • Increased real-time visibility for improved planning and reporting accuracy