Descartes’ Solution Delivers Supply Chain Efficiencies and Cost Savings for Graff

International diamond company extraordinaire Graff Diamonds is involved in every stage of the jewelry making process - from the sourcing of each rough stone, right through to the cutting, polishing and final setting of each exquisite jewel. To improve its customs declarations processes, Graff deployed Descartes’ cloud-based Import Customs Solution. With the new solution, Graff has improved control over its Outward Processing Relief (OPR) and Customs Warehouse procedures and realized significant cost savings with more accurate tracking of duty relief.

Why Descartes for Importer Customs Declarations Processes?

With Descartes’ Import Customs Solution, importers have a customs compliance solution that automates and integrates Outward Processing Relief (OPR) and Customs Warehouse procedures. OPR allows importers to claim duty relief for goods imported from non-European Union (EU) countries where goods only temporarily left the EU for processing or repair. By integrating OPR and Customs Warehouse procedures, importers can accurately track circumstances where duty relief may be available.

Electronic Import Software Improves Customs Declarations Process and Identifies Availability of Duty Relief

Descartes’ Import Customs Solution is a cloud-based solution that helps importers self-manage importing, warehouse diversion reporting, and re-exporting by integrating and automating warehouse and OPR procedures. The solution gives retailers a clear picture of the duty that is due on each item they handle. The duty management functions in Descartes’ Import Customs Solution are designed to meet the needs of the larger members of the UK trading community. The solution provides complete customs and warehousing functionality, including full audit trails and comprehensive management information.

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Written by Pól Sweeney

Vice President of UK Sales and Business Management at Descartes