Customer Success - John S. James Co. 

From global trade content, denied party screening, shipment management, accounting, customs filings and a whole lot more, it all comes together in the Descartes platform. We’ve realized incredible efficiencies across the enterprise, enhanced our customer service, and enabled better visibility for our customers and partners. Descartes has really helped bring us to the forefront of the industry.
- Len James, CFO, John S. James Co.

John S. James Co., a leading international freight forwarder and customs house broker, provides comprehensive logistics services to clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to individual importer and exporters. With the goal of personalized service on a global scale, the company implemented a range of Descartes solutions to more efficiently manage a high volume of trade-related information, improve regulatory compliance, and reduce operating costs.

The Challenge:
High-volume Trade Hinders Efficiency & Compliance 

John S. James Co. is a full-service international logistics provider with many moving parts, including customs brokerage, freight forwarding, non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), cargo insurance, foreign trade zone management, and transportation services. With more than 50,000 import and export entries, representing more than 100 containers per year, and thousands of electronic data interchange (EDI) messages received daily from customers and carriers, John S. James required an integrated transportation logistics software solution to ensure the secure, efficient, and cost-effective flow of goods around the globe. The company also sought a higher level of customer service through improved visibility and data sharing with clients.

The Solution:
Integrated Logistics Optimizes Productivity & Compliance

With the goal of improving compliance and reducing operational costs, John S. James Co. implemented Descartes OneView™ Customs House Broker (Descartes OneView™ CHB) to increase the speed and accuracy of submitting entry data to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Descartes OneView™ Forwarder Enterprise streamlined the company’s management of complex transportation and financial processes for inbound and outbound shipments across multiple modes of transport.

“The pace of freight is exponential. The port of Savannah is the largest single-container terminal and fastest growing port in the U.S. With all the cargo moving into and out of the port at that speed, the focus is on security,” said Len James, CFO, John S. James Co. “Using Descartes OneView™, we can easily coordinate bookings, generate documentation, submit security filings, manage inbound and outbound cargo, file customs entries, and deliver cargo to our clients at the speed of business.”

John S. James Co. also implemented Descartes MK Denied Party Screening™ (Descartes MK DPS™) to screen customers, suppliers, and trading partners against a comprehensive database of international restricted, denied and sanctioned party lists. And, using Descartes CustomsInfo solutions, the company can access the world’s largest repository of regulations, rulings, and duties to provide more accurate landed cost information, add to overall compliance, and reduce operating costs.

“Having one platform that allows us to operate from cradle to grave—from import to accounting to export—gives us better visibility into what we’re doing for each customer as a whole, as opposed to a disjointed process,” added Myra Reynolds, John S. James Co.’s Compliance Manager. 

The Results

Improved compliance

Descartes helps businesses keep pace with dynamic customs requirements, evolving systems of record and changing processes. By staying on top of global regulations with the Descartes solution, John S. James can speed its clients’ goods through customs, reduce duty spend and maximize compliance. 

Enhanced Customer Service

With increased operational efficiency, improved visibility at multiple levels, and heightened accuracy and compliance, the Descartes solution enables John S. James Co. to deliver personalized service on a global scale.

Increased Productivity

Using the Descartes solution, the company streamlined logistics operations to effortlessly handle thousands of EDI messages daily, significantly reducing man-hours. John S. James Co. can run all logistics services efficiently from one fully-integrated system.

Improved Visibility

John S. James Co. is empowering customers and partners with actionable data on a timely basis to improve collaboration and speed the movement of goods. Increased visibility also provides a deeper understanding of the company’s operations to inform strategic decision-making.