Top 30 U.S. Port Report

Analyzing 2020 U.S. Ports Performance & U.S. Import Trends

The Must-Read Guide on U.S. Maritime Ports & the Impact of Coronavirus on U.S. Imports

Our most popular yearly analysis is here with the findings. Ports are the lifeblood of trade, and the goods that flow in and out of U.S. ports speak to critical trends and the health of industries and regions.

As trade policy shifts, it is critical for businesses to stay informed on the impact these policies have on their industries.

Designed as a reference on U.S. import trade trends for port authorities, carriers, logistics providers, importers and shippers, this report analyzes the top U.S. ports and measures the total volume and values of imports entering the United States compared to previous years.

This report covers key points and changes that business leaders need to know.

Key Focus Areas Include:

  • Overall trends in U.S. imports

  • Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. maritime ports

  • Supply chain and sourcing shifts

  • Impact of trade policy and tariff changes

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