Uniting the People and Technology That

Move The World

Improving Logistics and Supply Chain Productivity, Performance, and Security

By combining innovative technology, powerful trade intelligence and the reach of our network, we deliver the industry’s most complete offering of cloud-based logistics and supply chain management solutions.

B2B Connectivity
& Messaging
Connect to hundreds of thousands of parties globally through a digital network to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.
Routing, Mobile &
Improve fleet productivity, compliance, and customer service with advanced and integrated optimized planning, dispatch, mobile, telematics, and driver/vehicle performance management solutions.
Customs & Regulatory Compliance
Streamline cross-border trade with preparation, filing and visibility solutions for cargo security, customs, and other regulatory agencies.
Broker & Forwarder
Enterprise Systems
Digitize back office and agent operations to streamline and optimize shipment management, customs compliance, accounting, and customer relationship management solutions.
Optimize transportation and the flow of goods with multimodal transportation management, real-time visibility, dock scheduling, and yard management solutions.
Global Trade
Maximize margins, find new prospects and vet trading partners through an extensive array of global trade, duties, tariffs and restricted party data and services.
Ecommerce Shipping & Fulfillment
Enable efficient, flexible and scalable ecommerce operations through pre-connected leading marketplaces, and comprehensive shipping and mobile fulfillment solutions.

Descartes’ Solutions are Powered by Our Logistics Technology Platform

Descartes’ Logistics Technology Platform digitally combines the world’s most expansive logistics network with the industry’s broadest array of logistics management applications and most comprehensive offering of global trade related intelligence. It helps get inventory, information, assets and people where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

Digitization Resource Center for Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers

Descartes is Helping Freight Forwarders & Customs Brokers Digitize and Transform Their Operations

Adafruit Industries Customer Success

Adafruit Industries uses Descartes Visual Compliance™ to screen ~30,000 shipments per month

Tyres on The Drive (UK) Customer Success

Tyres on The Drive uses Descartes to offer customers dynamic appointment self-scheduling to increase route density while improving technician productivity

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