2022 U.S. Import Report

Analyzing 2021 Imports & the Impact of COVID and the Global Shipping Crisis

The Must-Read Guide on Import Trends & the Impact of the Global Shipping Crisis and the Coronavirus on U.S. Imports

Prior to 2021, it was already a challenge for business leaders to keep pace with shifts in import trends. From duty and tariff changes, to economic fluctuations and changes in demand, the volume and value of commodities can shift and impact a business’ bottom line. In addition, over the last few decades, globalization prompted businesses to be more connected, meaning global imports flow more quickly and any changes can have a far-reaching impact.

Tracking U.S. Imports

As industries begin to work towards recovery from the pandemic and address port congestion, it is critical that they stay informed.

Designed as a reference on U.S. import trade trends for port authorities, carriers, logistics providers, importers and shippers, this report provides a gauge on the full impact of the global shipping crisis and the lingering effects of COVID-19 through analysis of the top U.S. imports by value and measuring those commodities against values from 2020.

This report covers the key points that business leaders should know across a broad range of industries. 

Key Focus Areas Include:

  • Key commodity trends affecting major U.S. industries

  • The ongoing impact of COVID and port congestion

  • The goods that have produced strong year-over-year growth

  • The pulse of trade by country of origin and destination

  • The top imports that are propping up U.S. trade values

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