What to Look for in a Best-in-Class Rate Management Solution

Are your customers online? Do they want to receive quotes quickly? Has it become inefficient to manage rates manually? Are you looking to ensure that services are priced correctly to maximize margins? Do you want to enable customers to easily book, rate, ship, and track on-demand?

These are the pointed questions that Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) are asking, and why we created an innovative technology called Descartes Digital Rate Management™, a leading-edge solution that allows LSPs to provide an online quoting, booking, and tracking experience while ensuring the highest profit margin per file.

To help you evaluate the technology, we developed this buyer’s guide to cover what the solution does, explain how each of its features can benefit you, and help you determine if the solution is the right match for your business, provide a clear overview of how our purchasing process works, and review how Descartes Digital Rate Management can help you elevate operations. Register to download at the right.

Download the Guide: