Denied Party Screening Software Buyer’s Guide

Protect your Organization and Support Business Growth 

Businesses of every kind regardless of size are currently exposed to a high volume and variety of compliance risks along with a volatile sanctions / regulatory landscape driven by rising geopolitical tensions, complex third-party relationships, and integrated global markets.  

To stay ahead of the expanding spectrum of sanctions compliance risks and support business growth, organizations need more than a software with just screening capabilities but a strategic solution and vendor partner. This denied party screening software buyer’s guide offers insights into how to start a screening program or transition from an ineffective process to a system that is fit for purpose.  

No matter the size of the company, experience with denied party screening, or the stage of your compliance journey, you will find everything you need to realize your vision and align your software solution to your sanctions compliance objectives. In addition to defining the importance of denied party screening, highlighting non-negotiable key features, and pointing out red flags to look out for, our buyer’s guide also provides valuable information on: 

  • How to perform denied party screening correctly.

  • Checklists to capture your core needs and conduct a compliance gap analysis effectively.

  • Questions and concerns you must address with denied party screening software vendors.

  • What makes up the cost of a denied party screening solution and price ranges you can expect.

  • Key areas of differentiation when evaluating potential software solutions

  • Best practices to get the most out of the sanctions screening software you select.

  • Tips on how to cost justify your software purchase and get buy-in from key stakeholders for successful company-wide compliance

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