Providing Customer Booking & Quoting with End-to-end Rate Management

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Managing carrier rates can be complex and time-consuming for Freight Forwarders. However managing rates is essential to provide the online booking and quoting experience that customers demand.

Due to the high level of interest in effective rate management, Descartes is pleased to offer informative web seminar, “Providing Customer Booking & Quoting with End-to-end Rate Management”.

The session is designed to deliver the most content for your time in a focused 30-minute session. The event features a general informative overview covering modern customer expectations and how to manage rates with best-in-class technology.

This interactive session covers why rate management is so essential to remain competitive and how to offer customers an online booking and rating tool effectively. Key takeaways from the webinar include:

• Why rate management has traditionally been complex

• How forwarders are accelerating rate management

• A demo of best-in-class technology

• Your questions answered in an interactive Q&A

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Erik Foulds

Erik Foulds

Sales Executive,
Global Sales, Descartes

Glenn Palanacki

Glenn Palanacki

VP, Industry Strategy,
Forwarding & Brokerage, Descartes