The Benefits of Screening in Salesforce

A More Cost-Effective Compliance Infrastructure

Maintain a high level of export compliance and increase sales velocity despite capacity crunches and budget cuts

A recent survey of export compliance practitioners around the world found that 68% of respondents plan to adopt automated denied party screening as a means to make their compliance infrastructure more cost-effective.

Automating screening by integrating with Salesforce helps to maintains the high level of export compliance organizations strive for, in a more cost-effective manner.

Automatically search denied parties lists in Salesforce

Automated screening’s biggest benefit is that it works continuously behind the scenes without human intervention, allowing businesses to keep vibrant and growing regardless of market conditions.

Applications such as Salesforce have simplified the way organizations conduct business. Through our integration options, organizations that use Salesforce can have the peace of mind that they're not doing business with restricted and denied parties, and sanctioned and embargoed countries.

Compliance and Increased Sales Velocity is within easy reach

Staying compliant doesn't have to be difficult. Streamline the process by screening directly in
Salesforce and increase sales velocity by helping to:

warning sign over a person's profile on a pc depicting a denied party

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