Global Sanction Screening and

Salesforce CRM

With sanctions fines in the billions of dollars, pinpointing sanctioned and denied parties within Salesforce CRM is a must.

At the core of global sanctions compliance screening is a review of information as it flows into and out of a business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms such as Salesforce often act as the centralized platform for sales, marketing, and other departments. The contact, account, and lead records within CRMs change at a rapid rate since sales and marketing are continuously prospecting and initiating campaigns.

This is why integrating denied party screening into your business systems and processes can be critical in reducing your organization’s exposure to risk.

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Reducing Risk & Enhancing Sanctions Compliance from within the Salesforce Application

Companies need to ensure that it does not transact with denied, restricted and/or sanctioned entities. However, incorporating effective controls within day-to-day operations and frequently-used platforms, such as Salesforce, can be challenging. 

Although high degrees of due diligence may be performed when a prospect becomes an account, screening of a lead before it becomes a contact can help serve as an added measure of risk management before business is formally transacted.

Managing Compliance and Supporting Growth

“Thanks to the efficiency and robustness of Descartes Visual Compliance, I'd put our compliance program up against literally any company of our size in the world right now. Plus, with Salesforce integration, we can dynamically screen lead lists, web-driven subscribers, and existing customers to streamline the sales response process and accelerate the sales cycle.”

Paul Lucchese, Vice President & General Counsel, EDB

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Global Sanction Screening and Salesforce CRM

See how screening for denied parties in Salesforce can help organizations like yours grow their business.

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