Meet Your Forced Labor Reporting Requirements

Ensure you’re meeting requirements defined by the Forced and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act before May 31

If you ship goods to Canada, you have a legal obligation to make sure that your organization is not doing business with suppliers using forced labor. You are required to report steps taken during 2023 to prevent and reduce the risk that child or forced labor was part of the organization’s supply chain. Our denied party screening solutions can help your organization ensure that you are not unwittingly working with those suspected of profiting from illicit labor practices.

Versatile and Intuitive Denied Party Screening

Screen Overseas Suppliers Against Forced Labor and Other Watch Lists

With Descartes Denied Party Screening, businesses get a compliance solution that can help your organization identify forced labor risks hidden in your supply chain. Users can be up-and-running quickly and begin screening almost immediately. Results arrive back instantaneously and are easy to interpret—prioritized by relevant details so appropriate action can be taken—while accurate recordkeeping and audit-ready capabilities to help organizations demonstrate due diligence with confidence.

  • Identify hidden risks in your supply chain.
  • Demonstrate due diligence.
  • Be up and running quickly.
  • Generate screening results fast.
  • Get results that are easy to interpret.
  • Stay compliant on an ongoing basis.

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