Internal Compliance Programme Best Practices

7 Steps To Implementing A Successful Internal Compliance Programme

A strong Internal Compliance Programmes (ICP) is about more than just avoiding fines. Organisations and Trade Compliance Professional can no longer afford to leave their ICP as afterthought and must be viewed as a strategic imperative- a fundamental pillar for long-term success in an ever challenging business environment.

The stakes are constantly rising, and the consequences of non-compliance are substantial. It is no longer a matter of ticking boxes, it is about safeguarding the organisation's integrity, reputation, and financial stability.

Investing in a strong ICP empowers businesses to navigate the intricate web of international trade, adapt to evolving compliance landscapes, and confidently embrace new opportunities.

Our e-Book will help you develop you ICP following best practices. It covers:

  • What is an Internal Compliance Programme and when do you need one?
  • Why is an ICP important and why are they mandatory?
  • Who is responsible for an ICP and what should a strong ICP include?
  • What are dual-use goods?
  • Export screening procedure and denied party screening.
  • Should NGO’s screen differently?
  • Responding to and addressing compliance issues.
  • 7 Steps for a successful ICP.

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