Reduce Your Supplier Costs by Up To 20%

The only way to know the cost efficiency of your overseas suppliers is via a HTS duty and tariff analysis

Descartes’ suite of solutions not only assists organizations in identifying new supplier sourcing opportunities, it also enables fast, accurate product HTS classification analysis, as well as side-by-side country cost comparisons of these opportunities with the help of a landed cost calculator that can assess a range of information including tariffs, duty rates and fees.

Our online solutions enable users to search up-to-date tariffs and duty rates to more than 160 countries via product keyword, HS code or both. Additionally, it can generate multi-country cost comparisons for faster and more effective decision-making.

Calculation variables include country of origin, duties, taxes, tariff treatment and trade agreements, cost of goods, as well as shipping, insurance and other fees and expenses. Country-specific rulings and WCO explanatory notes can also be accessed, combining to help fine-tune your analysis.

Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Trade Research

  • Quickly classify product HTS codes
  • Accurately calculate landed costs
  • Enhance your competitive edge

Maximize your global potential with access to trade data from more than 160 countries around the world.

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