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Next-Generation Shipment Visibility with Descartes Shipment Portal

At Descartes, we are thrilled to introduce our next-generation shipment visibility and collaboration platform: The Descartes Shipment Portal.

This solution provides one-stop visibility to empower your customers with unparalleled visibility through a modern web interface, enabling them to track shipments and customs entries across forwarder and broker platforms for all modes of transportation.

Watch the on-demand, “Next-Generation Shipment Visibility with Descartes Shipment Portal” to learn how this innovative solution can help transform visibility for your operations.

New Solution Enhancements Featured to Include:

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We are pleased to feature the expertise of our industry thought leaders:

Glenn Palanacki

VP, Industry Strategy,
Forwarding & Brokerage

Bob Fruchterman

Senior Product

Watch the On-demand Web Seminar

"Next-Generation Shipment Visibility with Descartes Shipment Portal"