Visual Importer Enterprise Edition
First Look

Enhancing Compliance with CBSA Initiatives, such as CARM, and Strengthening the Efficiency of Your Import Process

Reporting and system changes outlined by the CBSA CARM program are significant. These evolving requirements need advanced technology that will be available in our Visual Importer Enterprise Edition, which also streamlines the import process.

Join us on July 29 at 1 PM ET.

What You'll Learn

Built on the foundations of the Visual Importer system you are familiar with, this next generation cloud-based solution for Canadian importers provides new work-choice flexibility, as well as productivity and compliance gains, and strengthened security and business continuity, enhancing overall operational effectiveness and efficiency that keeps your supply chain moving.

New features include a modern user interface, sleek navigation, single-entry screen, team workflow process, real time communication with CBSA, in addition to modules to benefit from CARM that includes access to trade information and account balances and direct payment solutions.

Join Paul and Arsalan to learn more about this software solution, and how you can benefit from it. Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Overview of the Visual Importer Enterprise Edition system and how its new functionality will provide you with:

    • Increased flexibility – Users decide when and where to work

    • Enhanced productivity – Streamlined workflow that incorporates real time information from CBSA

    • Strengthened compliance – Keep up to date with regulatory requirements, including CARM

  • Overview of the Implementation Process – what’s involved with upgrading your existing Visual Importer system to web based Enterprise Edition


Paul Constanzo

Director, Professional Services

Descartes Visual Compliance

Arsalan Khwaja

Implementation & Support

Descartes Visual Compliance

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